New Zealand Boat Show – Maui dolphin’s extinction!

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If you live in New Zealand you will be aware of the ongoing battle by conservationists and the public in general for many, many years re the Maui dolphins continuing slide into oblivion. They roam the waters off the west coast of the North Island but few wander no further than 30 kilometres with some venturing up to 80 kilometres. Sightings have been made from Maunganui Bluff to Whanganui, with the highest concentration being between the Manukau Harbour and Port Waikato.

Their distant relatives the Hectors dolphin are found on the east coast of the lower south Island and are in a healthier shape. The Maui dolphin which is endemic to New Zealand is the world’s smallest dolphin.

Commercial and recreational netting are the main death traps for these dolphins.

There has been MUCH talk by numerous Governments and fishing interests over the years re how they are taking measures to prevent accidental kills.

At the recent International Whaling Commission Scientific Committee meeting in San Diego USA, it was stated that the numbers have fallen to approximately 43. Of these 10 to 12 are adult females.

It will be an incomprehensible indictment on New Zealand and its people if they stand by with all the knowledge of the dolphin’s numbers and we watch them become extinct!

This magazine has watched this situation evolve for numerous years and virtually nothing of significance has been done. The mighty dollar and what people perceive as their God given right to fish where they want and to fish with gear that gives them the best return for their investment and effort!.

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