“Behold the Coconut!”


The first European to sight Niue, in 1774, was Captain Cook who named it ‘Savage Island’. And like many people that Cook named, they were stuck with this unfortunate moniker for several centuries, until the name ‘Niue’ rose to prominence again. Some like to say it means ‘behold the coconut’, which is wonderfully whimsical, although it probably just means ‘coconut’. Either way, you don’t go to Niue to behold the coconut, you go there to behold the reef, or the whales, or fish, or do some tramping.

On Land

For that friend or family member who can’t get enough of the great outdoors, Niue is the spot. Cycle tracks surround the island and there are a plethora of walking tracks. From the stunning Talava Arches (a slightly more challenging walk) to the historical site of Opaahi (where Captain Cook made his second ill-fated attempt to land on the island) to the challenge of Ulupaka Cave’s depth and limestone formations.

According to some European cave experts, Niue possesses the most spectacular and extensive cave system in the entire South Pacific. Niue’s coastline is punctuated by literally hundreds of magnificent caves and chasms. All are unique and some, where the sea no longer invades, are used for the storage of canoes, while others have been used as ancient burial places or homes in the past. Many are still being formed, with stalagmites and stalactites in all stages of formation. Many can be explored self-guided, but for those that dare the more challenging and impressive caves, tours can be arranged and booked through the Niue Tourism Visitor Information Centre.

At Sea

Everyone knows that Niue is the spot if you want to watch the humpback whale migrations and witness the beauty of these mammals frolicking in the warm tropical waters between July and October.

Fishing and spearfishing are also one of the main attractions in Niue – from marlin to wahoo, tuna to mahimahi and giant trevally, there’s fish for everyone’s preference.

Divers can explore caverns, caves and chasms that provide sanctuary to a huge variety of marine life. Niue’s pristine hard coral reefs are home to several endemic species. Niue’s greatest feature is its incredibly crystal clear water unlike anywhere else in the world due to its natural limestone filtration, with visibility that can reach up to 100 metres and rarely falls below 30 metres. Mix all this with a wide variety of friendly marine life and you have a dive destination that you will want to explore time and time again.
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