Confronting Illegal Driftnets in the Indian Ocean

Caught in the net.

Caught in the net.

In January of 2016, while patrolling the South Indian Ocean for illegal fishing vessels, the Steve Irwin came across a fleet of ships engaged in the illegal practice of fishing with driftnets. Banned since 1992, this style of fishing is notorious for its indiscriminate killing of wildlife.
Upon seeing the Steve Irwin, the vessels ran, abandoning approximately 5kms of driftnet, which the crew of the Steve Irwin confiscated and brought on board. In this section of net were the bodies of 321 animals.

Having submitted evidence to all relevant international authorities, and with the vessels still at large, Sea Shepherd has launched ‘Operation Driftnet’ and is returning to the Indian Ocean to shut down the illegal fishing fleet.

–Sea Shepard, read more:

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