Fanny Thornton 1880

Fanny Thornton 1880

FANNY THORNTON, ketch: On May 23, 1880, the ketch stranded just outside the South Head, Hokianga Harbour, and became a total wreck. The casualty was caused through the vessel missing stays owing to the sudden falling off of the wind, and there being no room to wear.

The Fanny Thornton, No. 74,920, was a ketch of 80 tons register, built at Jervis Bay, N.S.W., in 1877. Her dimensions were : length 77.2 ft., beam 19.6 ft., depth 8 ft., and she was under the command of Captain Charles McBurney.

PONEKE, schooner: Foundered in June, 1880, with a loss of all hands, when on a voyage from Onehunga to Picton. The schooner sailed from Onehunga on June 11, and was later seen off Greymouth, but from then was never seen or heard of again. She carried a crew of six, all told, and was under the command of Captain James Lee.

The Poneke, No. 69,003, was a schooner of 80 tons register, built at Wellington in 1878, and her measurements were: length 84.5 ft., beam 18.9 ft., depth 7.9 ft.

THREE BROTHERS, cutter : Foundered with the loss of all hands early in July, 1880, when bound from Great Barrier Island to Auckland. She left Great Barrier Island on July 2, and was never heard of again. The cutter carried a crew of three, and was commanded by Captain Thomas Blair.

The Three Brothers, No. 46,530, was a cutter of 26 tons register, built at Mangawai, Auckland, in 1862, by Donald McInnes, and her dimensions were : length 47.8 ft., beam 15.4 ft., depth 6.3 ft. She was owned by Captain John Blair, of Auckland.

JANE HANNAH, schooner : On July 6 and 7, 1880, wreckage and a ship’s dinghy were found on the reef about three-quarters of a mile south of Akaroa Heads, and were identified as belonging to the schooner Jane Hannah. The schooner was bound from Catlins River to Lyttelton with a cargo of timber, and on July 2 left Oamaru in company with the schooner Pelican. They sailed in company until the 3rd, when a south-east gale was encountered. The schooners were then from six to ten miles off shore, level with the mouth of the Rangitata River. The Pelican cleared Banks

Peninsula by two miles, but it was thought that the Jane Hannah was unable to weather it, and was wrecked near Akaroa on July 4.

The Jane Hannah, No. 61,003, was a schooner of 52 tons register, built at Catlins River by William McPhee, and named after the wife of one of her first owners, Captain Peter Hannah. Her dimensions were: length 71.4 ft., beam 18.6 ft., depth 6.1 ft. She was under the command of Captain Roderick Currie, and carried three other hands.

SARAH AND MARY, ketch : Stranded on the west side of Motuara Island, Queen Charlotte Sound on August 9, 1880, and became a total loss. She experienced bad weather on the 8th, causing the master to seek shelter under Motuara Island. At 11 p.m. the captain was informed by one of the crew that the vessel was adrift and near the rocks. The kedge anchor was run out, but the line parted. An endeavour was then made to set the head sails, in order to wear the ketch, but it was unsuccessful. On going aft, the cabin was found to be in flames. An attempt was made to extinguish the fire, but without success, and the crew landed on the island. The vessel was still burning at daybreak next morning. The outbreak was supposed to have been caused by the stove in the cabin being knocked over and setting fire to a tin of kerosene.

The Sarah and Mary, No. 40,382, was a ketch of 40 tons register, built at Hoods Bay, Pelorus Sound, in 1872, by Richard B. Scott, of Havelock, and her dimensions were : length 64 ft., beam 17.7 ft., depth 5.9 ft. She was under the command of Captain William Penny Forman,, and was owned by the master and William Dempsey, both of Lyttelton.

SOUTHERN QUEEN, schooner : During a terrific north-west gale on August 26, 1880, the schooner parted her cables, struck a reef, and foundered with the loss of two of her crew. The vessel was lying at anchorage on the northern side of Amuri Bluff, which is about 12 miles south of Kaikoura Peninsula.

The Southern Queen, No. 40,339, was a schooner of 19 tons register, built at Akaroa by Henry Thomas, in May, 1861, and her dimensions were : length 50 ft., beam 13.6 ft., depth 6.2 ft. Captain William Shepherd commanded the schooner.

KAURI, schooner : Stranded on Ahaaha Rock, on the west side of Waiheke Island, Hauraki

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