South end of Poverty Bay. Depth: 3-15m. If you dont mind low visibility this is diveable. The sandstone reefs and swells stir things up a bit. Usually a few fish about and some crayfish in the cracks under the kelp. At the deeper end the walls have plenty of colourful life with sponges and nudibranchs. A few paua in the shallows.


5km east of Gisborne. Depth: 0-18m. Once again dont expect great visibility. If its calm and there’s no swell its a reasonable dive with a few crayfish and paua. In summer there’s kahawai and kingfish and plenty of small reef fish. Sea perch sit on the deep reefs and feed on anything that comes too close.


15km north of Gisborne. Depth: 0-15m. Can be dived off the beach. Plenty of kelp in the shallows and small fish around. Occasional paua and crayfish. Schools of kahawai and a few kingfish in summer. Look for copper and blue moki. Quite colourful at the deeper end so if you ignore the visibility and conentrate on the macro camera viewfinder its a worthwhile dive.


20km north of Gisborne on SH35. Depth: 0-20m. Can be dived from the beach or by boat. The shallows have loads of kelp forest on sandstone reefs. Crayfish are plentiful although the water is often quite grubby. In the shallower areas spotties, red moki and banded wrasse are most common changing on the deeper reefs to scarlet wrasse, dwaarf scorpionfish and leatherjackets. Definitely macro camera territory.

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