New Plymouth

New Plymouth


Volcanic islands with many underwater outcrops and canyons to 27m. The islands are a marine protected area.


Reefs of volcanic rock offshore with depths to 9m. The wreck of the Gairloch lies to the west of Oakura.


Corinna Reefs

100-500m north of Moturoa Island, Sugar Loaf islands, New Plymouth. Depth: 8-27m. This is a sponge diver’s delight, especially at deep corinna where there are finger sponges, golf ball sponges and all manner of encrusting sponges. On a clear, calm day with loads of fish it’s really great. Usually a few crayfish around the underhangs and kingfish are common visitors in summer. Check the marine park regulations before diving.

Bill’s Rock

300m west of Moturoa, Sugarloaf islands, New Plymouth. Depth: 8-220m. One of the many rocky pinnacles at the Sugarloaf Islands. Plentiful kelp with loads of invertebrates, including zoanthids and bryozoans. When the blue water comes in, usually in summer, it can be excellent. Plenty of fish, including silver drummer and usually some crayfish. Check the marine park regulations before diving.

Hapuka Rock

400m west of Waikaranga, Sugar Loaf Islands, New Plymouth. Depth: 6-30m. On a good day with no swell this is one of the top dives around New Plymouth. Plenty of invertebrate life, especially anemones on the walls. Look for the white hydroids with pink Jason nudibranchs gazing on them. This is in the protected zone of the Sugarloaf Islands Marine Protected Area. Check the regulations before diving.

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