Offers diving conditions and an active marine life similar to the far north. It is a meeting place of two major currents, bringing a variety of marine life. Reasonably strong currents are present all around the island, running from north to south. The Kapiti Marine Reserve was established in 1992 and is home to warm/cold temperate reef fish, sponges and kelp forests.


Mana Island is the smaller of two islands that lie off the southwest coast of the North Island of New Zealand (the larger is Kapiti Island). The island’s name is an abbreviation of Te Mana o Kupe, “the mana of Kupe”. Mana Island is a three-kilometre long, 2.17 square kilometre table, with cliffs covering much of its coast and a plateau occupying much of the centre. It lies three kilometres off the North Island coast in the Tasman Sea, west of the city of Porirua and to the south of the entrance to Porirua Harbour.

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