Banks Peninsula

Banks Peninsula

Pohatu (Flea Bay) Marine Reserve

– Established in 1999 the reserve cover 215ha east of entrance to Akaroa Harbour. Very exposed coast with boulders, rock stacks, steep cliffs, kelp forests and cold temperate reef fish.

Boulder Bay

A shore dive off boulders, but not good with a swell and after rain which turns the water to cold tea. Interesting terrain with some small crayfish under the large boulders. A few mussels on the tops of the rocks plus kina. Schools of kahawai in summer and occasional visits from seals and Hector’s dolphins.

Pigeon Bay

Often protected from wind and swells on the outside coast, but the visibility can be poor especially after rain. Cracks and holes under the kelp for crayfish, plus a few mussels on the higher rocks. Spotties, red cod and leatherjackets most common fish. Sea tulips and a few paua on the rocks for snorkellers. Can be dived from the beach.

East Head

Best dived with wind from the south or offshore. Visibility best after period with no rain. Heavy kelp at the edge of the rocks and small seaweeds and colourful invertebrates underneath. Blue moki, leatherjackets, spotties and a few blue cod plus crayfish occasionally in the holes and cracks.

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