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H.M.N.Z.S. Canterbury

H.M.N.Z.S. Canterbury

The RNZN HMNZS Canterbury was a Leander Class Frigate built in Scotland for the Royal New Zealand Navy and commissioned in 1971. She was powered by two steam turbines developing 30,000 horsepower through twin shafts. HMNZS Canterbury was the last steam powered Frigate in service.

F421 Canterbury was decommissioned by the RNZN in 2005. Like most of the warships before her, she has been sunk as a diving attraction. After the popularity of the Green Peace Rainbow Warrior dive attraction further north in Matauri Bay, F421 is attracting divers from all parts of the world to dive on her at Deep Water Cove in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.

After nine months of final planning and a weather postponement, the F421 finally slipped down to her resting place in just four minutes after the charges were fired. Over 300 hospitality boats and pleasure craft gathered to witness the event. The engine room, galley and shell rooms had previously been flooded. Holes had been cut into its sides to ensure the ship stayed upright and in one piece when it reached the bottom and without damage from the explosives imported from the United States.