Diver recognized in New Year Honours


Quentin Bennett. Photo: Richard Robinson. www.depth.co.nz.

Quentin Bennett was awarded the New Zealand Order of Merit for services to optometry, conservation and diving in the New Year’s Honours list. Quentin has travelled the word documenting the wonders of the ocean.

This magazine has published many of his articles on optometry in relation to diving. He is a skilled underwater photographer and many of his stunning images have been presented in Dive magazine. He was also a contributor to New Zealand’s first diving publication published by Wade Doak. Quentin fondly remembers diving with the late Kelly Tarlton on the wreck of the SS Tasmania off the coast of Mahia. Quentin captured historical images as Kelly and his team salvaged the Rothschild jewels.

Quentin studied optometry in London, and through his diving work, completed his thesis in underwater vision. This led to his working with the US Airforce school of Aerospace Medicine. He has also worked with Antarctic Research Programme, introduced the modern dry suit to New Zealand and developed prescription diving masks. We congratulate Quentin on his successes to date and those in the future.

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