Diving Fjordland!


The great Jacques Cousteau placed Fiordland in his Top 10 destinations for diving! We’ve had dive photo journalists rate it much higher with one recently placing it ‘if not the best, it’s in his top 3’.

Scenic diving can be amazing. Though the waters are cool the visibility can be extreme with over 40m visibility occurring regularly.

The internal waters with their micro-habitats are interestingly different to the waters of the coast or entrances where fish life abounds; and colours are diverse so even an inexpensive camera can get awesome photos when you dive in Fiordland.

There’s the odd wreck to be explored too, and wall dives that instil vertigo.

And there’s always plenty of kai moana to satiate the appetite at the end of a busy day.

Fiordland Expeditions have been operating throughout Fiordland for 15 years and they are well versed in the area with a range of sites to be explored. If you are keen to tick this one off your bucket list, then contact us today. We’d love to discuss how we can tailor a trip to meet your own special desires.

Call us on 0508 888 656 or check us out at FiordlandExpeditions.co.nz

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