Galapagos – Once in a lifetime dive trip


The two days flying and sitting around airports with barely any sleep are forgotten… The earthquake we experienced in the Santiago Airport is but a distant memory… the 17 hour crossing on our liveaboard dive boat from the main island to get here is not even in my mind – I’m sitting just 14m underwater on a shelf on the southern side of Wolf Island in the Galapagos looking at something I’ve waited my whole life to see… schooling Hammerheads… not just a few… hundreds!

I eventually stop taking pictures on my new camera system, stop shooting video through the GoPro attached on top, and I just let myself take it all in… I’m underwater in the Galapagos Islands and they’re here! It was the start of an amazing eight days of diving and land tours that we’d planned for almost two years and saved for just as long.

Apart from the hundreds of Hammerhead’s parading in front of us, there are curious Galapagos sharks

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