Healthy Streams – Healthy Harbour

By Alison Ballance

Beef farmer David Peacocke says that about 14 years, ago, when he bought a farm near the Waikato settlement of Raglan, cattle would have been grazing the stream banks and drinking from them. Today, the streams on the farm are securely fenced off from the livestock by two-wire electric fences and the 10-year old riparian planting is tall, lush and providing shade for the stream and good habitat for native birds and fishes. David did the fencing, and paid the not-for-profit nursery Whaingaroa Harbour Care to provide the eco-sourced native plants and the plant them in the ground. David also put in a reticulated water supply so that his stock had a good water supply away from the stream.
This co-operation between farmer and Fred Lichtwark and his Harbour Care team is a ‘recipe’ that has been used successfully for more than 20 years in the catchment around Raglan’s harbour, and as local farmers have seen how successfully it has worked on their neighbour’s farms they have been keen to follow suit.

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