Marine Reserve for Motuketekete Reef?

A ‘small but essential’ new marine reserve is being proposed for the Hauraki Gulf located just south of Kawau Island and to occupy just 45 hectares.

A group of friends of the reef has written to the Prime Minister, other ministers and the Auckland Council urging them to create a marine reserve on Motuketekete Reef.

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Their submission points out the Motuketekete Reef is wholly suitable for a marine reserve since it would not:

• Interfere with existing fishing use

• Is close to Auckland and readily accessible to the public

• Is tenable in winds south through west to nth east with safe overnight anchorages nearby

• Has good water clarity and quality. While most tidal flow in Kawau Bay is via Kawau’s North Passage, this area is in the east/west tidal stream south of Kawau

• An area of exceptional underwater seascape and habitat begging for protection and re-population.

The reef system supports a surprising concentration of life: walls bright with sponges, fan corals and thick kelp forest, a perfect nursery, but the area is under increasing pressure from rapidly escalating coastal development and increased fishing.

For the precise location refer to the chart. Effectively the reserve would be cost and maintenance free.

More information here.

Saving Motukete Reef – Expressions of support are welcome! Contact Mark at or 09 473 7724

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