Albatross kill set to fall

Date: 1/6/2004

The number of albatross killed in New Zealand fisheries is set to fall with the implementation of a new National Plan of Action to save seabirds. The plan establishes agreed codes of practice in

key fisheries impacting on seabirds. These codes will set limits on the number of seabird deaths permitted in any one year, place controls on fishing methods harmful to seabirds, and provide for a future legal response if fishing vessels fail to fulfill their responsibilities. In the past seven years, 13 species of albatross and 17 of petrel have been recorded as caught in New Zealand fisheries. The plan comes into effect immediately and addresses all commercial and non-commercial fisheries catching seabird species protected under the Wildlife Act 1953. A copy of the NPOA can be obtained from the Ministry of Fisheries and Department of Conservation websites: and

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