Seal hunt goes on despite protests

Date: 1/6/2004

The largest seal hunt in almost 50 years continues on the ice floes and islands off eastern Canada. Armed with rifles and spears, some 12,000 sealers began the hunt, accompanied by protesters condemning the £10m harvest as barbaric. Up to 10,000 seals were being killed every hour, reports claimed. Hunters are allowed to kill 350,000 young seals this year, the largest amount since the government instituted quotas in the 1960s. Sealers say the harp seal population is burgeoning at 5.2 million and pelts are garnering record prices of about £27 each as it enjoys a boom in popularity with fashion designers. However Rebecca Aldworth of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which will monitor the cull, said: ‘I believe this hunt is inherently cruel and the regulations to protect the seals are woefully inadequate.’

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