Admiral Horatio Nelson’s HMS Agamemnon Found off the Uruguay Coast, ‘One of the Most Important Maritime Finds in History’

Date: 1/6/2004

ADMIRAL Horatio Nelson’s favourite ship, on which he is said to have seduced Lady Hamilton and lost an eye in battle, has been found off the coast of Uruguay. International treasure-divers said they had found HMS Agamemnon, a 64-gun vessel which was the pride of Britain’s naval fleet when it went down in 1809. Plans are now being made to lift the ship from its watery grave following the multi-million-pound deep-sea exploration. Treacherous shifting sands and dangerous currents separating Uruguay and Brazil have conspired to hide the wreck. But the team – who have scoured the seabed for ten years after finding a single cannon verified as being from the Agamemnon – have now found her final resting place.

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