Greedy cockle gatherers collect big fines

Date: 1/8/2004

An adult who, together with two children, was caught with 344 cockles was charged with having 244 excess, after a daily limit for each of the children was deducted from the total. They were fined $700 plus court costs for being nearly five times over their legal limit. Another two adults, again with two children were each fined $975 plus $130 court costs after being caught with a combined total of 1050 cockles. Once the daily limit of 50 each was deducted for the two children, the pair had 950 cockles or nine and half times their daily limit. In a third case, three adults caught 1528 cockles were each fined $1000 plus $130 court costs. The three were part of a group of five and had taken over six times their combined legal limit. (The legal daily limit for the Auckland Metropolitan Area is 50 cockles per day.)

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