Environmental Projects Receive Funds

Date: 1/6/2003

Over $45,000 has been donated back to marine mammal research from the Auckland based Whale & Dolphin Adoption Project since its establishment in 1998. The project provides an easy way for the public to support marine mammal research and conversation projects by ‘adopting’ a cetacean. This novel approach to encourage the public to support a great cause has proved very popular with supporters from around the world.

WADAP currently offers financial assistance to seven marine mammal projects. An independent Scientific Evaluation Committee, consisting of four marine mammal scientists and conservationists, along with a representative from the Trust Board, assesses funding applications and determines the recipients.

Carl Rundgern, University of Otago – population ecology of bottlenose dolphin in Fiordland New Zealand and Trish O’Callaghan, Independent research – analysis of the whale stranding, refloatation records in the New Zealand whale-stranding database each received Marine Mammal Research Grant of $3,000 each.

Dave Abbott, Independent Research – Eye on the Sea interactive website received Marine Conservation/Education Grant of $4,000.

Laura Boren, Massey University – Factors affecting maternal care strategies of the New Zealand fur seal in the Kaikoura region and their impact on pup production and health received Marine Mammal Effects of Tourism Grant (In honor of Stephen Stembridge) of $3,000.

For more details visit www.adopt-a-dolphin.com

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