Grumpy fish left alone

Date: 1/2/2002

Grumpy fish left alone

In Brisbane, a giant groper nicknamed Grumpy who attacked a Swedish scuba diver off the Great Barrier Reef is to be left alone.

The fish sucked in and spat out the diver’s head on New Year’s Eve, ripping off his dive mask and leaving him with cuts and scratches.

The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority, the Queensland government and dive operators met in Townsville yesterday and decided the 2 metres groper, which has attacked several divers at the historic Yongala wreck dive site, 100km southeast of Townsville, should be left alone.

These fish are so big and strong that if it had just shaken, it could have broken his neck and killed him. The behaviour of Grumpy would be monitored.

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