Sir Peter Blake changes tack

Date: 1/10/2000

After lengthy discussions with Francine Cousteau, head of The Cousteau Society, Sir Peter has decided to proceed under his own flag with his environmental objectives. He will, where possible and when mutually agreed, work alongside and/or with the Cousteau Society as the aims and objectives of the two organisations remain similar even though Sir Peter wants to achieve his in a different way to the Cousteau Society.

‘Blakexpeditions’ will be using all the latest photographic and communications technology to bring its activities as immediately as possible on to as many television and computer screens as possible, from the remotest corners of the planet. His team see this approach as a key to educating and inspiring as many people as possible as to the plight of the waters of the world and what we can all do to ensure the survival of the ‘water planet’ as we know it.

He will be using the 36m schooner Seamaster as the mainstream vessel for the expeditions that are planned. He has the support and endorsement of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) in its endeavours.

The first leg of their expedition odessy is to South America via Auckland, Campbell and Antipodes Islands.

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