Luxfer Scuba Cylinder Replacement Policy

Date: 1/10/2000

Luxfer requires that every Luxfer 6351-alloy aluminium scuba cylinder be visually inspected at least every 2.5 years by a properly trained inspector using an eddy-current device such as Visual Plus, Visual Eddy or equivalent non-destructive testing equipment. If the cylinder fails the inspection it must be removed from service immediately.

This Luxfer-required visual and eddy-current inspection is in addition to periodic requalifications (including retesting and inspections). Luxfer recommends that all Luxfer 6351-alloy scuba cylinders be visually inspected at least once each year by a properly trained inspector.

For cylinders in heavy use (eg filled five or more times a week), Luxfer recommends visual inspection every four months.

The majority of Luxfer scuba cylinders currently in service are made from proprietary 6061 alloy, which Luxfer is still using. Cylinders made from Luxfer’s proprietary 6061 alloy are not susceptible to sustained-load cracks. Therefore, Luxfer does not deem it necessary to test these cylinders with eddy-current devices.

Luxfer’s replacement policy applies only to the original owner of a Luxfer scuba cylinder. If a properly inspected Luxfer scuba cylinder is found to have either sustained-load cracking or a manufacturing defect (any imperfection that fails to meet product specifications at the time of manufacture), Luxfer will honour the following replacement policy:

If the cylinder is 10 years old or less (based on the original hydrotest date), Luxfer will replace the cylinder at no charge with a new 6061-alloy cylinder. However, Luxfer will not replace cylinders that have been damaged, abused or mistreated.

If the cylinder is more than 10 years old, the original owner may purchase an equivalent replacement 65, 75, 85 or 95 cubic foot cylinder, 3500 psi fill pressure, for A$137.50 or NZ$186 for cylinders manufactured in Australia.

For DOT 80 cubic foot cylinders, 3000 psi fill pressure, manufactured in Australia or the United States, the replacement prices are A$110 and NZ$152.

For 20 cubic foot cylinders, 3100 psi fill pressure, manufactured in Australia, the replacement prices are A$110 and NZ$152.

Australian and New Zealand prices include GST.

Luxfer cylinder owners in Australia should contact Luxfer Gas Cylinders at 61-2-98300999 to obtain replacement cylinders.

Luxfer cylinder owners in New Zealand should contact Luxfer’s New Zealand agent, Tank Test Laboratories, at 64-9-2623628 to obtain replacement cylinders.

For more information about this policy, contact Luxfer Gas Cylinders, 350 Vardys Road, Kings Park, NSW 2148 Australia; telephone 61-2-9830-0999; fax 61-2-9622-9227; on the web at

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