The Oxygen Centre

Date: 1/10/2000

The Oxygen Centre on the North Shore in Auckland has had a busy month treating many patients, who have had excellent results.

During July we treated an interesting condition called Necrotising Faciitis which resulted in the patient having his fifth finger amputated. The patient was referred to us via a local hospital. Having had surgical grafting of his forearm he developed a persistent infection and poor uptake of the graft. He received hyperbaric oxygen treatment for about one month (22 treatments), together with intravenous antibiotics and wound care.

We had a very satisfying result in a devastating infection and it was a pleasure to have been able to help this very unfortunate man.

Currently we are treating a lady with a pressure sore to her heel which she has had for the past 12 months. She has had several attempted skin grafts and long term wound management. To date she has had 17 treatments and we are presently managing her ulcer with Active Manuka Honey – UMF 16. The ulcer has noticeable granulation tissue and appears more superficial than previously. The results so far are extremely pleasing.

Interval Hypoxic Training (Simulated Altitude Training) had a rush to help finish preparation for the Sydney Olympics. Many of New Zealand’s top athletes have been using the technology to help increase their performance by increasing the utilisation of oxygen. Sports such as swimming, wrestling, triathlon, and boardsailing are taking advantage of being able to perform altitude training at North Shore’s Oxygen Centre while still being able to complete training at their usual facilities.

The North Harbour Rugby team and some of the Black Ferns Rugby team have participated in the programme to compliment their training. The benefits are increased recovery, an increase in energy levels, increase in oxygen uptake, assistance in maintaining fitness, and also other benefits to compliment general health and fitness.

Divers can benefit from the increase in fitness and recover more efficiently after completing the Interval Hypoxic Training course.

The centre is set for another big month with varied and challenging cases in both Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and Interval Hypoxic Training (altitude training). So when you happen to book your

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, you may want to drop by the Oxygen Centre to see our facilities and be exposed with what we do.

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