Napier Reefballs

Date: 1/6/2000

Two reefballs have been deployed in Napier as a means to restore and protect the marine and coastal ecosystems.

Reefball New Zealand (RBNZ) would like to express appreciation to the Napier businesses, Firth Concrete and Dive HQ. Without their generous contributions of time, facilities and materials the deployment would not have been possible.

Also essential to the success was the presence of Todd Barber, the co-inventor of the reefball concept from Florida USA. Reefballs have been developed over the last 10 years and to date around 100,000 have been deployed around the world. Another 17,000 are planned for this year in the Philippines alone. A realistic expectation is for another 900,000 in coming years. Based upon testing each reefball has an anticipated life of 500 years.

The Mission of RBNZ is to restore and protect the marine and coastal ecosystems through the deployment of natural and ecologically sound reefballs. Already there has been a high degree of interest generated in the use of reefballs around the New Zealand coast. At last there is a real and meaningful mechanism available for individuals and groups such as schools, Iwi, clubs and councils to become involved in our marine environment.

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