Launch of Deep Ocean Odyssey

Date: 1/6/2000

Deep Ocean Odyssey announced its formation as an action-adventure, digital media and exploration company. In the spirit of Jules Verne’s fictitious adventures, or of Jacques Cousteau, Deep Ocean Odyssey will use two state-of-the-art manned submersibles to explore the secrets of the deep ocean.

The Deep Rovers possess unique performance specs, diving exceptionally deep while providing their two-man crews with breathtaking 360 degree views.

Equipped with the very latest in high-definition digital video equipment, and specially constructed deep water lenses and camera housings, the Deep Ocean Odyssey team sets sail this Fall on board the 200-foot vessel Ocean Voyager, on a five-month voyage to the South Pacific. They will produce a series of high-impact action adventure programmes and events for worldwide broadcast television. In addition, there will be IMAX films, interactive content for broadband Internet distribution, and programmes for the CineMuse High-Definition Digital Museum Network, to be presented in museum-based cinemas throughout the U.S.

Combining adventure, history, exploration, and science, each Deep Ocean Odyssey story will be a voyage of discovery, descending to a world of pirate treasures, historic shipwrecks, underwater volcanoes, fabled sea-creatures, and as-yet unimagined discoveries. Descending to depths that have been unexplored since the oceans covered the world, the Deep Rovers will literally become time machines, transporting their crews and a worldwide audience into our planet’s prehistoric past.

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