Walls of Water Really do Exist

Date: 1/12/2003

For years, scientists and marine experts have dismissed stories of 30m walls of water as superstition. Walls of water do not rise out of the blue, they said. But now research has revealed that ‘killer waves’ do exist and regularly devastate ships around the world. But these mammoth events are not tidal waves or tsunamis. Nor are they caused by earthquakes or landslides. They are single, huge walls of water that rise up and destroy dozens of ships and oil rigs every year.

It is now know that the Queen Mary was hit by a 22 metre wall of water while carrying 15,000 troops in December 1942. The ship came within an ace of capsizing, but it was all hushed up at the time. One theory suggests that waves and winds heading straight into powerful ocean currents may cause these huge walls of water to rise up out of the deep.

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