Freedive records

Date: 1/4/2002

On Sunday 23 December 2001, at the Woree Olympic Swimming Pool (Cairns, Australia) a local dive instructor, Sebastien ‘The Sub’ Murat, (33) of the Amphibios Freedive Team set a new benchmark in world freediving, swimming 176 metres underwater on one breath. Using a modified porpoise kick and monofin.

The Sub was until recently, the only man to break the eight (8’02″) minute barrier for static breath-holding. He currently holds the open water fin diving distance record of 143 metres.

This Easter the team is planning to regain and surpass the 8’06 barrier for the static breathold. They have also been in specific training for three years to establish new standards in the Fin-Dive for Depth category now at -86 metres and the Blue Ribbon event, the absolute Dive for Depth cateogry now at (-154 metres) made famous by the movie the Big Blue. The Amphiobioe Freedive team website will go live this Easter. Until then the team may be contacted through the following addresses: or

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