Rare dolphins losing fight for survival

Date: 1/2/2001

Rare pink dolphins still grace Hong Kong’s murky waters. However, toxic industrial waste from China, over-fishing and massive infrastructure development appear to be stacking the odds against their survival.

Experts say up to 1000 pink coloured dolphins, known as Chinese White Dolphins, may not survive the environmental ravages brought on by thriving trade and an explosive economic boom in southern China.

The unusual dolphin was chosen as a mascot for Hong Kong to celebrate the return of the former British colony to China in 1997.

Now the days of the endangered Pearl River Delta dolphin population seem numbered, with environmentalists arguing too little is being done to ensure their survival.

’Nearly every single calf that is born in the Pearl river delta dies from pollution so we are in effect losing a whole generation,’ local dolphin expert Lindsay Porter explained.’Unless action is taken, we’ll probably see a dramatic crash in figures when surviving calves reach sexual maturity in around 10 years.’

Porter believes as few as 180 pink dolphins survive in the Pearl River Delta area. Chinese white dolphins are from the sousa chinensis species of cetaceans, which can be found in South Africa, Australia and the Chinese coast.

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