Weedy seadragon census

Date: 1/2/2001

Ocean Care Day 2000 in Sydney, Australia saw a team of divers from Abyss Scuba Diving set out to help in Dragon Search’s annual census of weedy seadragons. Each diver was given a weedy seadragon pack which contained information on the dos and don’ts when diving with seadragons, information on the way to tell the sex of a seadragon, and a list of other species to look for. Divers were assigned different areas to count populations.

The counting was very successful with all groups finding weedys in their allocated areas. Divers also recorded numerous other species of vertebrate and invertebrate life.

Dragon Search is a monitoring programme, which encourages members of the community to provide information on seadragon sightings. They use this information to determine the distribution, habitat requirements, and research and management priorities for this little known species. For more information contact Dragon Search NSW, Tel: +61-2-9436-0176.

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