Minister announces review of amateur fishing regulations

Date: 1/2/2005

The Ministry of Fisheries will review a series of amateur fishing regulations identified as a priority by the New Zealand Recreational Fishing Council. The regulations to be reviewed are those affecting the primary taker rule – essentially who is entitled to a daily bag limit of a certain species, for example, perceived inequities in different limits for those who dive and those who dredge for scallops. Aspects of taking and possessing some species – for example, whether measurement is required on the sea floor; or the rules around possession of scuba equipment aboard vessels. The amateur daily bag limits for Coromandel scallops. The implications of various catching methods such as bobs, pull pots and the use of scoop nets. Mr Benson-Pope says the review will raise complex issues that will be of significant interest to multiple stakeholders, not just recreational fishers. He expected the review to be complete before the start of the October fishing year.

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