Maui’s dolphins

Date: 1/4/2005

Maui’s dolphins 
The Manukau Harbour (Auckland) is part of the rare Maui’s dolphin’s natural habitat. 
Set netting around the harbour mouth was banned since 2003 to protect the endangered species.
There has been controversy, particularly amongst fishermen, who say the dolphin does not venture
into the harbour but results of a new survey prove otherwise.Maui’s dolphins have been detected at
three locations up harbour from the area closed to set netting. Detectors have picked up Maui’s
dolphins 12 times says marine mammal researcher Michael Richlen.Maui’s is New Zealand’s rarest dolphin,
only found on the west coast of the North Island. There are thought to be less than 150 living in the
wild.A three year study of the dolphins is being done by Otago University’s marine mammal research
group, with support from the Conservation Department.
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