Bringing fish statistics to the surface

Date: 1/4/2005

Statistics New Zealand has released the first three articles in a series about New Zealand’s commercial fish species. The articles contain background information that supports and explains statistics on the size and value of each species’ stock. New Zealand’s Freshwater Eel Resource explains traditional fishing techniques and reports that the eel catch has almost halved since the early 1990s. New Zealand’s Rock Lobster Resource describes the rock lobster’s life-cycle and indicates that the value of rock lobster exports between 1992 and 2003 was greater than $100 million annually. New Zealand’s Päua Resource reports that the Chatham Islands Quota Management Area contained the most valuable stock of päua in 2003, worth $75million. A set of tables accompanying the articles includes regional catch, export and asset value data for 16 commercially fished species.  The articles and tables are available on the Statistics New Zealand website at:

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