Blue cod’s arrival catching Hauraki Gulf fishers by surprise.

Date: 1/10/2005

The appearance of large numbers of blue cod in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf is catching many recreational fishers by surprise. Blue cod, a popular table fish usually caught in waters far further south, are suddenly being hooked in reasonable numbers in the country’s largest recreational fishery, the Hauraki Gulf.  The unexpected bounty is in danger of landing fishers in hot water as many do not appear to know the rules that apply to blue cod.  The size limit for blue cod is 33cm and is considerably larger than that for many other popular fish species (for example the minimum legal size for snapper is 27cm; trevally, 25cm). Blue cod are also covered by the ‘other species’ rule with anglers in the  Hauraki Gulf allowed a combined total of 20 fish per person per day from this category, which includes kahawai, gurnard, trevally and John dory. Fishers are being urged to ensure they know the rules before fishing as Infringement Notices of $250 or $500 can be issued for those with too many or undersized fish.

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