Te Matuku Marine Reserve off Waiheke Island, Auckland came into force on 4 August 2005

Date: 1/10/2005

Auckland  came into force on 4 August 2005. This 690-hectare reserve will protect Te Matuku Bay, one of Waiheke’s largest and least modified estuaries, and includes an area directly outside the bay around Passage Rock in the Waiheke Channel.  It will be managed by the Department of Conservation. People are welcome at the Te Matuku Marine Reserve to picnic, swim, snorkel, kayak and watch birds etc but may no longer fish, collect shellfish or take anything else from within the reserve area. Boats are free to travel through the reserve or anchor in the bay.  Boaties can carry gear and fish on board but may not fish in the reserve. If you require further information on this reserve:  contact Fiona Oliphant, ph 09 307 4846 or 027 5111 222, or Bill Trusewich ph, 09 445 9634 or 027 293 9431.

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