Anti-whaling nations take major step toward southern oceans whale killing ban

Date: 1/12/2005

A new anti-whaling declaration signed by southern hemisphere nations is a major step toward banning the slaughter of whales in southern oceans. Speaking after a 13-nation anti-whaling declaration was issued following a meeting in Argentina, commissioner Sir Geoffrey Palmer said, ‘This is a step toward a southern hemisphere moratorium on whale killing. It is a significant development of a bloc emerging that is anti-whaling, anti-scientific whaling and pro-conservation,’ These comments come as a Japanese whaling fleet sails toward Antarctic waters on its annual hunt for whales under Japan’s scientific whale kill programme. This year’s scientific research programme into the sea mammals will see an increase in the kill to at least 1,000. Anti-whaling nations argue that this scientific whaling is little more than commercial whaling in disguise. The southern nations have been working for years to create whale sanctuaries across their hemisphere.

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