Anchors finally up for the Mary Rose

Date: 1/12/2005

Archaeologists have raised the massive anchor of the

Mary Rose

, King Henry VIII’s flagship, from a silt-filled channel off the southern England, more than 460 years after the vessel sank. Divers have been scouring the sunken British warship since 23 September with the hope of bringing up further remnants to the surface. The anchor and a section of the ship’s bow were recovered. The ship capsized during the Battle in Solent in July 1545 while engaging the French fleet. Although at this time there was an attempt to raise the ship to salvage the timber and the guns it was not until 1982 when the Mary Rose Trust was formed to excavate the craft that the hull was lifted. At this time many artefacts and personal possessions of the crew were uncovered and brought to the surface.

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