SHARK ATTACK! – NZs Greatest Shark Exhibition

Date: 5/4/2006

BRIEF SUMMARY: It’s everything you want to know, don’t want to know, and must know about SHARKS – all staged in the most fun & interactive environment ever created in NZ!

We’ve all viewed them on the news, seen the horrifying pictures and watched them at the movies, but Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World promises you’ve never seen sharks like this before…

They’re the most feared predators in the world but should we really be so afraid of sharks?

Kelly Tarlton’s ‘Shark Attack! NZ’s Greatest Shark Exhibition’ will reveal the truth about the ocean’s most lethal and misunderstood predator. It will shock and amaze you in ways never dreamed.

Shark Attack! NZ’s Greatest Shark Exhibition will, for the very first time, see Kelly Tarlton’s transformed into a larger than life multi-media exhibition where you will get to see, among other wonders, a frighteningly life-like animatronic shark from an actual Hollywood movie! Peer inside the huge mouth of a real shark. Come on a magical journey in the purpose-built aqua cinema. Be shocked and amazed by exclusive, real-life shark footage and photography from the world’s leading documentary and film-makers. Everything you ever wanted to know is on show!

From the mind-blowing beauty of the Blue Planet entrance, to a chamber of horrors with a surprising twist, to a room chillingly called ‘Killing Machines!’ you will come face to face with the true life of sharks and come out the other side with a newfound appreciation for these incredible creatures. Learn from our foremost shark experts, measure yourself against the monsters of the ocean and of course take a close up look at Kelly’s most famous shark residents.

Join us at Kelly Tarlton’s. Bring the whole family!

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