Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton

Date: 1/6/2006

Fisheries Minister Jim Anderton is consulting on an industry proposal to ban bottom trawling from almost a third of New Zealand’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). ‘I believe this would be an unprecedented win-win for conservationists and fishermen. But before the government investigates it fully, we want to hear what the New Zealand public think of the proposal.’ he said The industry proposal would close some 1.2 million square kilometres of the EEZ to bottom trawling and dredging. When added to New Zealand deepwater areas already closed, the proposed closures would mean that 42% of seamounts in New Zealand waters will be protected. This would be the largest single marine protection measure ever proposed within a nation state’s EEZ. The proposed areas have had little or no bottom trawling or dredging in the past, so it is expected their ecosystems and habitats are relatively intact. The period for public consultation runs until 9 June. Copies of the Position Paper for public consultation and other relevant material are available from the Ministry of Fisheries’ website:

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