Fishing company convicted for abandoning snapper at sea off Whakatane Coast

Date: 1/8/2006

Harvey Fishing Ltd, was convicted and fined $3,500 at Whakatane District Court for the abandonment of 200kg of legal sized snapper at sea off the Whakatane Coast, Eastern Bay of Plenty. Following a report from a local charter boat operator, Eastern Bay of Plenty based Fishery Officers obtained a sample of the snapper and photographs that led to the identification of the defendant company’s vessel Rose Croix.  Research undertaken at The University of Auckland, and published in the prestigious USA journal Science, shows that worldwide protection of marine habitats is ineffectively managed to retain biodiversity, and many so-called “Marine Protected Areas” are under threat from the likes of over-harvesting and pollution. Only 2% of the world’s tropical coral reefs are being safeguarded by Marine Protected Areas, where some restriction is placed on human activities. However, less than 0.01% of the world’s coral reefs are protected from over-harvesting, poaching, siltation, nutrient enrichment and pollution. No global region currently protects more than 10% of its coral reefs adequately, with reefs in the Indo-Pacific and Caribbean remaining particularly vulnerable.

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