Greenpeace Activists

Date: 1/10/2006

Recently four activists boarded the high seas bottom trawler, Chang Xing, and locked themselves to the mast to prevent it from leaving Port Nelson. They also locked metal braces and a large sculpture of a deep-sea coral to the vessel’s stern as a reminder of the deep sea life being destroyed daily by these trawlers. A banner was attached to the stern with the words ‘The trawl’s in your court NZ’. ‘We’ve done what the Government should be doing, taking strong action against bottom trawlers who are destroying unique deep-sea life out in international waters’, said Greenpeace oceans campaigner Mike Hagler. Greenpeace exposed the damage caused by dragging heavy bottom trawl nets across the sea floor by filming and photographing the Chang Xing’s crew dumping large quantities of unwanted species including lantern sharks, squid, deep-sea kina and endangered black coral. This November the United Nations will make final decisions about whether to impose a moratorium on bottom trawling in international waters to halt destruction until scientists can document the areas that need protection.

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