Thailand installs underwater tsunami memorial off Phi Phi Island

Date: 1/12/2006

Thailand’s first underwater tsunami memorial has been laid on the seabed in Tonsai Bay. The memorial is placed 1.4 kilometres offshore at a depth of 20 metres. The monument comprises three granite markers, each 150 centimetres tall and arranged to form an equilateral triangle, with a smaller 80cm-high granite marker standing in the centre. The distance between markers is 5,395cm, corresponding to the number of victims whose names and nationalities are identified. At a location exactly 2,874cm from the memorial site is a traditional Thai sala, built from wood collected from the wreckage left behind by the tidal wave. The distance to the centre of the monument represents the number of victims whose identity could not be determined. The three pyramids represent the three elements of earth, wind and water.

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