Dive Tairua Dive Festival

Date: 1/2/2007

In conjunction with the Coromandel Pohutukawa Festival, Dave and Donna Earley of Tairua Dive & Fishinn once again organized the annual Dive Festival, 1-3 December 2006. This is a fantastic event and the divers who  attend had an absolute blast!

For the first time in the Festival they held a fun,

Team Scuba Olympics

– what a hoot!

Now we know what we have always suspected – Dave Earley’s brain is not like all us other humans!

Divers had to find chocolate scallops under the sand and build the frame of a ‘house’ out of different sized plastic pipes, thread a cord around a square ‘thingy’ without the cord crossing over itself all underwater and this is  after completing a navigation course.

All these events were held directly in front of the dive shop and provided much entertainment to the cheering and laughing crowds of supporters.

The eventual winners of the

Dive New Zealand Magazine 2006 Scuba Olympics

went to the team of: Petes Paku Terrors: – Pete Gallagher, Ross Redfern, Steve Revell and Aaron May.


Digital: 1st Ken Lonie, 2nd Mari Van Stratten, 3rd Charley Riley

Disposable: 1st Ryan O’Reagan, 2nd Dave Sherrry, 3rd Pete Diamond.

Novelty: Ross Redfern.

Best Masked Women

: Jude Elliot and Catherine Corcoran.

Best Masked Male

: Ken Lonie.

If you missed attending this event make sure you check it out this year around the same time and bring your dancing shoes the band is fantastic!

The following sponsors made it all possible, please support them.

Air Vanuatu, Aqua Lung, Padi, Dive Tairua & Fishinn, Tourism Coromandel and Dive New Zealand Magazine.

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