Mystery of submarine missing for 80 years

Date: 1/4/2007

One of Australia’s most intriguing wartime mysteries may have been solved after the Navy found what it believes to be the remains of a submarine missing in New Guinea more than 80 years ago. The submarine, AE1, vanished in September 1914 with the loss of all 35 British and Australian crew members, while patrolling near Rabaul on the island of New Britain, in what was then German New Guinea. It was Australia’s first major loss of life in World War I. Two Royal Australian Navy survey ships have been hunting for the wreck. The Australian Veterans Affairs Minister said he was optimistic that a 25 to 30m-long object detected on the sea floor near the Duke of York Islands was the wreckage of AE1. Locating the AE1 will help provide closure to the descendants of the 35 crew members who tragically lost their lives while serving the nation.

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