Carpathia surveyed

Date: 1/12/2007

A British-led team of technical divers completed a survey of the Titanic’s rescue ship, the Carpathia, at 160m in the north Atlantic, 200 miles from the Irish Coast. She was on her way to the Mediterranean when the Titanic’s SOS call was received. Negotiating 58 miles of iceberg-strewn water, the liner recovered 712 survivors. Six years later a German U-boat sank her. The team comprised of British, Italian and German divers. The leader of the team, Ric Waring said ‘using rebreathers they did a total of six days diving on the wreck with both teams doing three dives each, with total in-water times between four and a half and six hours. The wreck stands upright, but its deteriorating condition made it difficult to identity particular sections.

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