New technology targets divers in distress

Date: 1/12/2007

A team from Newcastle University, working with Cumbria-based Tritech International, has created ‘DiveTrack’, which has just won an international design competition set up in memory of a British diver, Penny Glover who died along with her diving buddy Jacques Filippi during a diving accident in 2005. The device enables divers to send a distress signal to the surface if they get into difficulty, allowing a boat crew to locate the diver and attempt a rescue. Originally developed for communicating with ‘subsea’ vehicles exploring oil and gas fields. It works by sending ultrasonic sound waves between the divers and a surface unit up to 800m away. The Technology is low cost and uses very little power and is about the size of a small torch. The team picked up an award and £10,000 prize at the Institution of Engineering and Technology Award Ceremony in London in November 2007.

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