Fined for fishing in Goat Island Marine Reserve

Date: 2/12/2007

A North Shore man was fined and his gear confiscated for fishing in a popular marine reserve. The 23 year old was convicted after pleading guilty to illegally fishing in the Goat Island marine reserve near Leigh. He was fined $1500 plus court costs. The Judge was concerned that the man had blatantly fished in the marine reserve and had gone to considerable lengths to find a remote location. The Department of Conservation (DoC) investigator said the fine reflected the seriousness of the offence. ‘Marine reserves preserve all marine life in their natural state and taking fish alters this natural balance. No amount of fines can bring those fish back, but can act as a deterrent. In the past nine years there have been 15 prosecutions for illegally taking marine life from the reserve, with 12 of those cases resulting in fines and the remainder involving custodial sentences.

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