Divers find U12 German sub sunk off Scotland in 1915

Date: 1/2/2008

German U-boat sunk off Scotland’s coast more than 90 years ago has been discovered by two divers. Jim Macleod. Of Bo’ness and Martin Sinclair, from Falkirk, found the wreckage of the U12 about 25 miles (40 kilometres) from Eyemouth. The two divers had been looking for the 60 metre U boat for the past five years. The precise location has now been reported to the German authorities as 19 sailors died in the sinking and relatives have been informed. The site has been declared an official war grave and it will remain untouched. The Scottish divers enlisted the help of a researcher who was able to get log books from destroyers HMS Ariel, Acheron and Attack involved in the sinking of the U12 to help pinpoint the site. They then visited the location where they found the boat lying 150ft (46 metres) down on the seabed. It was the first time the wreck had been visited since it was sunk on 19 March 1915. The U12 was the first ever submarine to launch a plane at sea. It is recorded that prior to being sunk the U12 had been targeting cargo ships off the east coast of Britain.

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