Queen and Paul Rodgers join researchers of the world to say stop shark slaughter

Date: 2/12/2008

Brian May, guitarist of Queen, and Paul Rodgers, lead singer of Queen join 140 researchers in urging governments of all nations to stop shark slaughter. With the ‘Manifesto for Immediate Worldwide Shark Conservation Actions’, that has been signed by 140 shark specialists, they ask governments  for protection of endangered shark species, a ban on shark finning, management of fisheries, control of trade for shark  products and investment into research on sharks to better assess stock status. An estimated 50% of the world shark catch is believed to be taken accidentally while fishing for other species, especially with pelagic longlines, which are single-stranded fishing lines 18-72 kilometres long, with an average of 1500 baited hooks. It is estimated that the number of sharks caught annually is upwards of 100 million and that, in recent decades, some shark populations have declined by over 90%. In the Mediterranean Sea, of 50 shark species recorded, 13 are close to extinction, while only one of these, the great white shark, is protected by the European Community.

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