Diver lost after wreck dive

Date: 2/12/2008

Kevin Bailey (63) who owns and manges Blenheim Dive Centre with his wife Jennifer is presumed lost after failing to surface after a dive on the 490-tonne Holmglen in 55m of water nearly 36km south east of Timaru, New Zealand on 9 November. Kevin with fellow divers Mark Gibson and Pete Spegal had successfully dived the wreck and were at their 12m decompression stop. All were using close circuit rebreathers. Kevin drifted off his decompression station and was not see again. Mark and Pete still had a one hour decompression obligation to complete. Two days of aerial and boat searching failed to find any trace of Kevin. The Holmgen sank in 1959. Fifteen crew were lost. An official inquiry could not find a cause for the sinking. The navy, using a remote underwater vehicle in 1999, found the wreck sitting upright with no obvious damage that could have caused it to founder.

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