Keep off Poor Knights or else

Date: 8/2/2010

New Zealand’s Poor Knights marine reserve is ‘look but don’t touch’. An Auckland couple who clambered on to the Poor Knights Islands may face prosecution by the Department of Conservation (DoC). The department also warns visitors to stop feeding fish or face massive fines. Over the holiday season, the rangers busted ‘boaties’ flouting the rules in the Whangarei Harbour and Poor Knights marine reserves. The Poor Knights Islands, the Hen and Chickens and Bream Islands are all nature reserves. It is illegal to land on any of them without a permit. Feeding fish has the potential to quickly alter feeding patterns making fish reliant on being hand-fed. Individuals prosecuted for feeding or catching fish at the reserve can be imprisoned for three months and fined up to NZ$10,000. The boundary of the marine reserve is 800m out from the islands and includes the Pinnacles and Sugar Loaf. To report illegal activity at the Islands call 0800 DOCHOT

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